Friday, December 22, 2006



I was in a car accident and had major whiplash. I spent 3 years of my life suffering from a disease call Fibromyalgia. It was very painful, mainly in my neck, shoulders and back along with severe headaches. I was put on all kinds of medications such as muscle relaxers, painkillers and tranquilizers that lead to anti-depressants and Cortisone injections. I was disabled for 2 years, basically over medicated and feeling useless lying on the couch. I realized that the medication was just coving up the real problem. Then I learned about Market America and nutriceuticals….the all-natural approach to good health. I first did a 7-day Nutri-Clean detoxification that cleanses the colon, digestive system and liver. It flushed the toxins out of my body and I immediately could fell a difference. Then I loaded up on 2 caps of OPC3 and 2 caps of Calcium daily, within 3 weeks my pain was 90% gone and I was myself once again. I added 1 cap or ORAC and now I’m 100% better. I still am very careful not to overdo it and I make a conscience effort to eat right. I have not been on any medication for over 2 years. And I feel great!

Sincerely yours,

Carolyn Bartoletti

First a little bit about myself. My name is Cindy Albright from Appleton, Wisconsin. I am 52 years young ( I finally feel that way now). I have Fibromyalgia, degenerative joint disease (usually referred to as osteoarthritis) and a slight emphysema.

Looking back I believe the cause and start of the firbro and D.J.D. was an auto accident that I was in back in April of 1977. I was 7 months pregnant with our son (yes he is fine), when a drunk driver wanting to commit suicide pulled out in front of me. It could have been worse and thankfully everyone survived. I had some lacerations, deep tissue injury and a broken jaw, which required surgery. I made it through these things over some time. The years go by and life hands you little or big roads blocks (stress), you deal the best you can with these things but stress is also a factor for firbromyalgia.

In approximately 1989 I was diagnosed with fibro. I had aches and some pain, but I thought the doctor didn't know what he was talking about because everybody who went to him seemed to be diagnosed with fibro. I dismissed it and took myself off of the amytriptilene (anti-depressent) they put everyone on for this disease. Then in 1998 I was in another auto accident (again lucky to be alive). This left me with large hematomas and deep tissue injury along with three cracked ribs. I didn't seem to recover as well with this accident. The aches and pain persisted with very little relief in between. Shortly after this my left hip started to bother me a lot. If you aren't sure what true joint hip pain is, it is actually in the groin area. I was also bothered by tendonitis in both elbows, bursitis in both hips, neck and back problems. I felt like a human pin cushion. I never got much relief, just more injections and medications.

January 2002 left me pretty well drained. I was still working in a doctor’s office and on my feet all day. It got harder and harder to do. In March of that year I had to quit working due to my health. In October I had my left hip replaced (avoid this at all costs). In April of 2004 we went to Texas to visit our son. (Do not use the restroom and carry anti-bacterial wipes with you on the airplane). I spent most of my time there in a hospital. I had contracted a gastrointestinal bacterial infection called campylobacter jejuni. When your immune system is already compromised this infection hits you like gang busters and also adds to the problems of fibro. I was walking with one cane at this time and now I needed two. I had to crawl up the stairs in my home and was in pain 24/7. I could not sit or stand up from a chair without help. I spent the majority of my days on the sofa in pain. Unfortunately all the medication I was on did not help. In fact I believe it made me worse.

Then in July of 2004 my prayers were answered. Several years ago while still working in the health field I got my insurance license and mortgage license. My name was on a list of loan originators and I received a call from someone who I thought wanted me to sell mortgages for him. I was in so much pain but yet I agreed to talk with him. (In the back of my mind I knew I needed to make some money but I also knew there was no way possible that I could work). He came over to talk with my husband and me. He actually was a Market America Independent distributor. I only misunderstood him because of the pain and drugs I was on. I am so glad I had said I would speak with him. He could see how much pain I was in and told us about OPC-3 and the great results his wife had with her allergies from it. I thought, oh great, more supplements. I thought I had tried everything there was in an attempt to get better. I said I would try it but I knew for sure it wouldn't help. So I would take it just like you are suppose to and when the bottle was empty I would give it back with some smug remark. BUT IT WORKED!!!!

Four and one-half weeks after taking just the OPC-3 I was experiencing great relief. I threw away one cane and then the other. I couldn't believe the results. I was sleeping better, I hardly had any pain, I stopped taking almost all my prescription medication and I knew I was getting my life back. With my doctors help I managed to get off all of my medication.

OPC-3 has drastically changed my life for the better. All my blood tests are within normal range, my last pulmonary function tests found no trace of emphysema, and the degenerative joint disease in my right knee is all but gone.

I do take other Market America supplements that I have added over some time. I suggest for anyone with fibro, arthritis or D.J.D., that they take OPC-3, Calcium Plus, and Glucosatrin to start.

I hope this helps.